In this area, you will find the courses. Each course guides you through a carefully selected collection of video lecture clips, blog posts and discussion forums on this site, along with readings and external material. There are also practical exercises to help you understand the material.

Users with an account on the site have access to additional forums for the practical exercises, and the ability to post on the forums. Accounts are generally only offered to my own students at the University of Edinburgh.

  • Speech Processing

    Starting with an introduction that makes no assumptions about background knowledge, followed by text-to-speech synthesis, and automatic speech recognition.

  • Speech Synthesis

    Following on from the introductory material in Speech Processing, we move on to more sophisticated ways to generate the waveform, from unit selection to statistical parametric models. We also cover some more advanced speech signal processing.

  • Prepare for study in speech and language processing

    Unlike the other courses, this one mostly contains external material to help you prepare for study in the exciting area of speech and language processing.

  • One-off courses

    Including Summer Schools and Tutorial Workshops

  • Speech Synthesis 2015-16

    In this archived course, you might find complementary, alternative explanations of material covered in the current version of this course.