Foundations for Speech Processing

Because Speech Processing is for students from many different backgrounds, the chances are that you will have a few gaps in your background knowledge. Here is some help in filling those gaps.

This is supporting material for Speech Processing. I actually find that every student will have some gaps in their knowledge, but they vary from person to person. That’s why this material is arranged by topic: it’s up to you to find out which topics you need to study. If you’re not sure, then do everything: even if you think you know something, you might find that an alternative explanation is still helpful.

If you think there are gaps in this supporting material please tell me and I will try to fill them.

A few of the Speech Processing lecture slots are set aside to cover this material – see the Speech Processing weekly schedule

  • Signals

    Digital signal processing provides us with many of the basic tools we need for analysing or generating speech signals.

  • Phonetics

    For students with little or no background in phonetics, here we cover just the essentials needed for this course.

  • Mathematics

    You might face barriers such as notation, or basic concepts that were not covered at high school, or perhaps you just need a refresher.

  • Probability

    It's essential for this course that you develop a good understanding of probability.