Build your own digit recogniser

A simple but functional digit recogniser built from scratch: record and label data, train HMMs, create a language model, and recognise the test data. Extend to other speakers & digit sequences.

Read all the instructions right the way through before you start: from the introduction right through to “digit sequences”. Do this before coming to your first lab session.

  • Introduction

    Here are the files you need to get started and some tips for success.

  • Speaker-dependent system

    The main task here is gathering the data. After that, just run the provided scripts.

  • Speaker-independent systems

    It's time to make the system more useful for a real application.

  • Digit sequences

    This is not as hard as you might think. If you attempt this, restrict your experiments to a speaker-dependent system using your own data.

  • Milestones

    To keep on track, check your progress against these milestones. Try to stay ahead of them if you can.

  • Writing up

    You're going to write up a lab report, that describes how HMM-based ASR works, and reports your experiments.